Tuesday, June 7, 2011

yamamoto and the v&a.

Monday kicked off a busy week for us Londoners. We woke up to our first real day of rain - which was a welcome relief from the heat and humidity (particularly when in the crowded tubes). We donned our umbrellas and headed out to the Victoria & Albert Museum. There we had a morning tour of the museum's fashion collections. Our guide, Anne, was very knowledgeable in fashion history, and weaved a brilliant thread through the exhibits from Japanese kimonos to Samurai gear, and stage-wear ranging from Coldplay's Viva La Vida tour to Adam Ant's "Prince Charming" costume to Glam Wear from Mick Jagger and Roxy Music. We saw incredible tapestries, Victorian wedding dresses and a sweater that was nearly 600 years old (and surprisingly was quite cute!). After a lunch break we headed back to the museum to tour it's featured exhibition - a Yohji Yamamoto retrospective. Draping, details, Japanese-inspiration. Simply put - amazing. We could walk up and touch the garments, admire the details, and take it all in - rendering most of us speechless. To top it off, the exhibition's exit dumped us right into the museum's bookstore, which had a solid 4 walls of fashion books. We had to pry ourselves out of there!

The first photo below is our group walking up to the Museum - the Natural History Museum. Thanks to Alfred for correcting my mistake - as we would have spent the day looking at dinosaur bones had it not been for him! The second is of Adam Ant's Prince Charming costume, circa 1981 (New Romantics!). No photos of Yamamoto, unfortunately...none allowed.

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