Wednesday, October 31, 2012

who wears short shorts?

left: Chelsea McGehee; right: Ellen Kraus

Who knew Astronomy Lab at 7:40am would produce two such lovely ladies?  Both Chelsea and Ellen were sporting their high waisted short shorts last week.

Chelsea is an Art History major here at OCC and I was so surprised to find out she got her cut-off jean shorts on Etsy.  I immediately searched "high waisted jean shorts" on Etsy and found about a million items.  Alright...2,586 items, but close to a million!  Everything from the bleached out to the studded, the options are endless.

Ellen bought her black lace shorts at yet another unlikely locale, TJ Maxx!  Her styling of those shorts is not only on trend with the graphic tee and chambray over shirt, but a perfect transition to fall with the black tights and lace up chukka boots.

65 degrees?  85 degrees?  It doesn't matter.  High waisted shorts are always hot!

Monday, October 29, 2012

victoria craven.

photos and story by Jess Larson

Victoria Craven, 20, is not only an OCC student but a stylish one at that. And she wants to let you in on a little secret, most of her findings are from second hand stores. Always exciting and always unique, Victoria sure can turn out some memorable outfits, something I always look forward to seeing when I come to class.  

What are your dreams made of? 
I would love to be the creator and owner of my own brand. 

What do you love about shopping at thrift stores?
It's thrilling to find that unique find, and also knowing no one else will being wearing the same thing you are. 

What/who are you inspired by in fashion? 
I'm inspired by old movies, the 90's and the 70's.

Describe one of your favorite items you've come across at a thrift store. 
In San Fran I was blessed to find a silk long fringe kimono with the original price tag on it for $298 and the goodwill price was only $18, it was a steal!

Any recommendations on some good thrift stores? 
I've been really digging Savers. They have great prices and their selection is huge! Plus every day 2 tag colors are 50% off, its the best deal. 

Friday, October 26, 2012


story and photos by Kacie McGeary

There are certain times of year that you can just feel approaching in the air. Summer vacation, the Christmas holidays, the beginning of a new year, and of course…. midterms. As weeks 8 and 9 have yet again graced us with their presence, OCC fashion students prepare to present projects worthy of their name. In Retail Buying (MKTG 220), students show off their latest work on their kiosk projects. When asked to design and run a kiosk of their own, students chose a wide range of products to sell. From jewelry, fashion illustration prints, iPhone cases, and succulent plants, students were asked to create a concept that would require innovative thought and application of the concepts used by top buyers everywhere.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

studious stones.

by Isabella Chavez

Three OCC students are spotted studying in their ring bling. All three consisting of authentic turquoise. Each piece has its own unique shape, cut, and style. Jordan (purple keyboard) is a part of the Gabrillino native tribe. She inherited a couple of the rings from her grandmother and the rest are vintage finds.  Turquoise stones look great on all skin tones and the more the better!

Friday, October 19, 2012

santa ana arts district.

photos and story by Vy Le

For the first project in Trend Forecasting, we were required to observe the fashion and behavior trends of a particular market, so I grabbed my camera and headed to the Santa Ana Arts District.  After taking pictures of every interesting person that I encountered, I sorted through my photos and was surprised to find that there were several fashion similarities among the people within this market.  Whether they were rocking stripes, backpacks, or tattoos, I found everyone to be equally inspiring and original. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


All fashion designers seek unique inspiration when developing a line that will represent their brand and express their vision as a designer.  Inspiration comes in many forms from music to architecture. For me the simple pleasure of walking through an art exhibit can excite and spark my imagination. On campus I have found that the exhibits at the Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion will often inspire me. The current art exhibit, Body Language, is no exception. Take a few minutes to stop by or sit down and absorb all that surrounds you. Who knows? You just might be inspired to create something beautiful! 

story by Ryan Watanabe

photo by Ryan Watanabe
photo by Rob Murow

Monday, October 15, 2012

trendspotting at occ.

photos and story by Rebecca Waldron

This semester in Trend Forecasting, students are learning to recognize and predict trends in fashion. Being aware of what others are doing around you is the first step in recognizing trends. At OCC you are bound to run into some stylish students wearing on trend designs. Here are three students sporting the "High-Low" style that is currently so popular. 

So remember, whether it be your shirt or skirt- wear it like a mullet! Short in the front and long in the back.

Friday, October 12, 2012

london calling.

...Well, more like Christian from the Coast Report.  Though less exciting than Her Majesty herself, the conversation did revolve around the month-long excursion that the OCC Fashion Department is orchestrating.  With interviews, meetings, and other advertisements sprouting all over campus, anticipation is building as the realities of January are growing closer.  Fashion, fun, and Europe--what more could you ask for?  With that said, make sure to check out the article in the Coast Report to learn more about the trip.

Interested in traveling to the fashion capital of the world?  Please contact Cheri Lawell at, or Erin Bianchi at for more info.  Make sure to do it soon, the deadline for payment is October 25th!

by Kacie McGeary

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quiksilver | an inside look!

Yesterday our class went to Quiksilver for the afternoon!

Quiksilver’s headquarters (which is located in Huntington Beach) is absolutely stunning. The entirety of their facilities is quite impressive. They have 3 “campus”buildings. All of them serve different purposes which shows just how much is going on over at Quiksilver.

They are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of surf wear and other board sport-related equipment.  Quiksilver produces many other labels as well which a lot of people don’t necessarily know are apart of the Quik family.  Here are the most well known but there are even a few other smaller labels that are apart of the company!

They are committed to their athletes as well, which really shows.  They have some of the worlds top athletes the represent them!




There are even more ambassadors of Quiksilver but here is a good look at the well known faces.


Back to our tour of Quiksilver!  We got an inside look at how things are done on a day to day basis, which is not only super cool but really helpful when trying to advance in a career.  I love the opportunities we get in this class because they really are ones that we are lucky to have.  I for one appreciate them to the upmost and am so thankful to Chris Amaral and the entire Fashion Dept.  The reason we are able to do and see what we get to is because Chris is so dedicated to the industry, to the relationships she has made and most of all wanting to share that.

Lately we have been learning in class about networking and the proper way of doing so.  It’s not about shimming your way through and being a little is all about being genuine, taking the time to really know someone and growing that relationship.  Networking at times has a bad reputation but really networking is how anything gets done in this industry.  I cannot wait until I am at the point in my career where I can be an equal contributor to the art of networking...Chris is a great example of this.  She has earned an amazing reputation and most of all grown relationships that allow this class and really the entire Fashion Department at OCC to explore all areas of the industry...and at really great places!
Here are a few more photos from our day at Quiksilver yesterday!

photos and story by Diana Padgett

Monday, October 8, 2012


Raya Key - OCC Biology Student 

Standing around waiting for my Americano at OCC's Starbucks, I spotted a little blue tag on the back of a really cute pair of suede wedge booties.  I knew what it said before I could read it, TOMS.  I had no idea TOMS made anything, but the super popular slip-ons and the canvas wedges.  But when I got back to my computer and went to the TOMS site, the Desert Wedges were right there.  Along with Wrap Boots and Wedding Shoes!  Who knew TOMS had such a wide variety of shoes?  I do now thanks to Raya Key, an OCC Biology student.  She not only shares my love of fashion, but of coffee as well.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

diana padgett.

Photos from Diana's blog, Acres To Sea.

occfashion interviewed one of our very own fashion students, Diana Padgett.  She is currently in Chris Amaral's "Careers in Fashion" class, and has just started a new internship at Volcom.

Diana, are you new to the occfashion Program?

I took the beginning sewing class with Chris in 2009, I loved it.. even though I couldn't sew a a straight line to save my life, but Chris makes every class enjoyable.  I haven't taken any other fashion classes since until this semester!  I remember back in my sewing class Chris and other kids talking about how great the Fashion Careers class was so it's always been on my list of classes to do. 

What is your major?

My major is Journalism, and I would like to get my certificate in Fashion as well.. even though I have quite a ways to go! 

What is your ultimate goal after going through the program?

I really wish I knew, as of now I want to be blogging about current trends and street style.  I am not one for the high fashion, but individual unique style is what I LOVE and hope to pursue.  I also know that I want to pursue photojournalism and travel.  I hope I can mix all of these up into some sort of dream job. That's my goal  :) 

Which department are you interning in at Volcom?  What are some of your job duties?

At Volcom I am working with the marketing department, and more specifically on their blog.  I am a "guest blogger" on Volcomunity.  I have absolute freedom in the content of what I post, and am expected to contribute a post a week.  I just posted my first introductory post this past week and it was soo much fun!  I'm so happy to have this opportunity.


Gray, whites and blues! 

Well besides mine, ha I would have to say an Australian girl's blog The Road is Home leaves me happy and inspired every time.  I love to look at any blog that is visually beautiful and full of content.  You may be surprised to hear that most, not all fashion blogs actually bore me.  I can't stand girls just taking photo after photo of themselves in an outfit that no one (including themselves) can really afford  - sorry I'm a bit opinionated about it.  I just love to see a more dynamic layout & content I suppose.

I love the girls of Litter, they make the most beautiful jewelry, and are SF girls.  I also recently came across The 2Bandits, also based out of SF.  Tamar, the designer has a beautiful collection of jewelry as well.  I love the Australian clothing label OneTeaspoon, I think its the perfect blend of trend and originality.  To be honest though I am from Northern Ca, land of no labels necessary, and I still carry that motto with me.  90% of my wardrobe is thrifted and altered by myself to fit just the way I like it so I would say those are designers I admire, I don't own any of their pieces, but they are ones I would probably buy if it was in the budget :) 

The Costa Mesa Salvation Army.  I know all the women & men who run the store by first name and they all know me.  I am in there up to 3 times a week.. I LOVE scoring an amazingly cheap find.  My favorite is finding 5X dresses and then hemming them like 5 ft. They make the perfect run around town dresses. 

I think for style reasons the 70's would have been a blast! 

Random things about me:

  • My boyfriend and I run a blog together that you all should take a peek at! -
  • My favorite place to be is Barnes and Noble, I am there for hours reading anything and everything.
  • I want to become a carpenter one day when I'm older, I love working with wood! 

Words I remind myself of daily...

  • BE KIND BE KIND BE KIND.  I could make me cry thinking about it, Kindness is the most beautiful thing in the world. 
  • Be yourself through and through.  I think this is something that ultimately takes a lifetime, but we will take massive steps as we continue in life.  I'm almost 25 now I still work on it all the time but life is so much more enjoyable when we just pursue and live the life we were meant to live. 
  • As big or small as they may, be whole-heartedly follow your dreams, it's what life is all about!