Wednesday, October 31, 2012

who wears short shorts?

left: Chelsea McGehee; right: Ellen Kraus

Who knew Astronomy Lab at 7:40am would produce two such lovely ladies?  Both Chelsea and Ellen were sporting their high waisted short shorts last week.

Chelsea is an Art History major here at OCC and I was so surprised to find out she got her cut-off jean shorts on Etsy.  I immediately searched "high waisted jean shorts" on Etsy and found about a million items.  Alright...2,586 items, but close to a million!  Everything from the bleached out to the studded, the options are endless.

Ellen bought her black lace shorts at yet another unlikely locale, TJ Maxx!  Her styling of those shorts is not only on trend with the graphic tee and chambray over shirt, but a perfect transition to fall with the black tights and lace up chukka boots.

65 degrees?  85 degrees?  It doesn't matter.  High waisted shorts are always hot!

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