Friday, November 2, 2012


The midterm assignment for the Draping class was to create a garment and pattern from a NON-TEXTILE material.  
story and photos by Demi Dusterhoft

For inspiration, I chose the painting, "Oriental Poppies" by Georgia O'Keeffe. 

From this painting a sketch and color palette was chosen.  It occurred to me that actual paint chips would be appropos and give the range of color necessary to emulate the painting.

Next, I needed to drape a basic pattern and then construct the understructure.  

From there, the fun began!  I drew the basic shapes from my sketch and began to drape each swath of color.  After attaching each swath together with tape, then sewing them together by machine, I was ready to put garment together with the sewing machine.   

Once all the swatches were attached to each other the challenge began.  I had to take this compilation of flat paper and give it shape to fit around the basic garment and form.  After getting it to where I was pleased with the look, I trued the edges as needed.  

The final touches were added with a laced closure and the stigma or flower center to waistline.  Two days later I came out with a rendition of the "Oriental Poppies".

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