Friday, November 9, 2012


photos by Rob Murow & Ali Leino
story by 
Ali Leino
I recently had an assignment to write an autobiography on someone.  I thought why not do it on a person that I actually care about and adore, so I picked Alexander McQueen.

I'm used to going to the OCC Library to do homework or cram for a test, but when I was looking through their online catalog I noticed they had so many different books on fashion. Not only do they have tons of books on different designers, such as the great McQueen, they have tons of interesting books on Men's wear, Vintage Fashion, Illustration, sewing, draping, trends, patterns, costuming and even screen printing.

An hour later I looked down to notice a stack of books I wanted to check out  and inspiration started floating in my brain. So if you're ever interested in a designer, trends or anything fashion, just skip over to the impressive library and go at it! You may just end up with a stack of books yourself!

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