Friday, November 16, 2012

trisha strickland.

Fashion Careers class Recap!
story by Diana Padgett 

Trisha Stickland | Garment Manufacturing Specialist

Trisha has worked in the Apparel Industry for more than 20 years and is the founder of TS Apparel Sourcing.

“The goal (of TS Apparel Sourcing) is pure and simple… to fill the sourcing needs of Orange County and Los Angeles established and aspiring designers.”

Trisha began her career working in the industry as a pattern maker at the surf apparel giants Billabong & Hurley. Through her career she has also worked at some of the world’s premier apparel brands including Quiksilver, Paul Frank and NILS Skiwear. In time, with passion and experience on her side, Trisha harnessed the opportunity to make a big difference in the up-and-coming side of the business. She witnessed the need in the marketplace for a knowledgeable, well connected source for local businesses and in turn, started her own sourcing company.

TS Apparel Sourcing offer clients so much!

 Design sketch • Pattern making, grading and marking • Fabric sourcing • Trim sourcing • Logo branding

• Finishings • Packaging • Completion of salesmen samples to production • Full packages are available for knits and woven’s

Trisha shared with us so much insight into what it takes to make a line and how important the beginning steps are for a designer.
There is no doubt that Trisha is an amazing source of information, knowledge and experience! I feel like she could have talked to us much longer and not run out of a bit of solid information. It’s amazing to hear and learn from people like her, she has been involved in so many aspects of the industry and she was so willing to let us know what to expect when starting out in our careers.
One of my favorite words of wisdom Trisha said to the class:
“Talk to everyone you can about your ideas or vision of a company, you never know who will want to help you.”
She gave an example of a girl who did just that and ended up talking to a man who loved her idea so much he wanted to be an investor, wrote her a check and she’s starting to move forward.

It was really great to learn from Trisha, now I want to hear more!

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