Tuesday, October 2, 2012

diana padgett.

Photos from Diana's blog, Acres To Sea.

occfashion interviewed one of our very own fashion students, Diana Padgett.  She is currently in Chris Amaral's "Careers in Fashion" class, and has just started a new internship at Volcom.

Diana, are you new to the occfashion Program?

I took the beginning sewing class with Chris in 2009, I loved it.. even though I couldn't sew a a straight line to save my life, but Chris makes every class enjoyable.  I haven't taken any other fashion classes since until this semester!  I remember back in my sewing class Chris and other kids talking about how great the Fashion Careers class was so it's always been on my list of classes to do. 

What is your major?

My major is Journalism, and I would like to get my certificate in Fashion as well.. even though I have quite a ways to go! 

What is your ultimate goal after going through the program?

I really wish I knew, as of now I want to be blogging about current trends and street style.  I am not one for the high fashion, but individual unique style is what I LOVE and hope to pursue.  I also know that I want to pursue photojournalism and travel.  I hope I can mix all of these up into some sort of dream job. That's my goal  :) 

Which department are you interning in at Volcom?  What are some of your job duties?

At Volcom I am working with the marketing department, and more specifically on their blog.  I am a "guest blogger" on Volcomunity.  I have absolute freedom in the content of what I post, and am expected to contribute a post a week.  I just posted my first introductory post this past week and it was soo much fun!  I'm so happy to have this opportunity.


Gray, whites and blues! 

Well besides mine, ha I would have to say an Australian girl's blog The Road is Home leaves me happy and inspired every time.  I love to look at any blog that is visually beautiful and full of content.  You may be surprised to hear that most, not all fashion blogs actually bore me.  I can't stand girls just taking photo after photo of themselves in an outfit that no one (including themselves) can really afford  - sorry I'm a bit opinionated about it.  I just love to see a more dynamic layout & content I suppose.

I love the girls of Litter, they make the most beautiful jewelry, and are SF girls.  I also recently came across The 2Bandits, also based out of SF.  Tamar, the designer has a beautiful collection of jewelry as well.  I love the Australian clothing label OneTeaspoon, I think its the perfect blend of trend and originality.  To be honest though I am from Northern Ca, land of no labels necessary, and I still carry that motto with me.  90% of my wardrobe is thrifted and altered by myself to fit just the way I like it so I would say those are designers I admire, I don't own any of their pieces, but they are ones I would probably buy if it was in the budget :) 

The Costa Mesa Salvation Army.  I know all the women & men who run the store by first name and they all know me.  I am in there up to 3 times a week.. I LOVE scoring an amazingly cheap find.  My favorite is finding 5X dresses and then hemming them like 5 ft. They make the perfect run around town dresses. 

I think for style reasons the 70's would have been a blast! 

Random things about me:

  • My boyfriend and I run a blog together that you all should take a peek at! - Acrestosea.com
  • My favorite place to be is Barnes and Noble, I am there for hours reading anything and everything.
  • I want to become a carpenter one day when I'm older, I love working with wood! 

Words I remind myself of daily...

  • BE KIND BE KIND BE KIND.  I could make me cry thinking about it, Kindness is the most beautiful thing in the world. 
  • Be yourself through and through.  I think this is something that ultimately takes a lifetime, but we will take massive steps as we continue in life.  I'm almost 25 now I still work on it all the time but life is so much more enjoyable when we just pursue and live the life we were meant to live. 
  • As big or small as they may, be whole-heartedly follow your dreams, it's what life is all about!

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