Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Another awesome day. This morning we set out for the one-and-only, Harrods. We met our guide, Lindsey Harper, Concessions Manager of Women's Collections, Contemporary and Men's. Lindsey is a former colleague and good friend of one of our own student's, Sonay Ince (thank you Sonay!). Lindsey met us at Door 5 (there are SO many doors to enter this store) and took us through their newly remodeled Men's store, past the Men's Shoe Collections (where they sell shoes for $12,000!), then to ready-to-wear. Now while most of the clothing in the store is very similar to what you could find at Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue, it's the sheer size of the store that is awe-inspiring. 1,000,000 square feet. 50,000 customers a day. 3,500 employees. Services include a bank, a travel agent, a shoe repair, personal shopping, a wine shop, 22 restaurants, 5 sets of escalators, and a "Pet Kingdom", that has sold elephants and tigers and more.

We split off after our tour and spent some time exploring on our own. Some when back to Men's (Superdry was a fav), others to the Pet Kingdom (it had to be done), the Food Halls, and of course, to drool in Fine Jewelry. I took the opportunity to visit the Millinery, where I spent the next hour trying on hats and fascinators. What fun! While there, I learned that on Saturday Harrods will host a personal appearance by London's top Milliners - Stephen Jones AND Phillip Treacy! I will surely be there, straight after I see the Queen ride along in her Birthday Parade. Perhaps I should purchase my fascinator early, so I have something appropriate to wear for Her Majesty?

And lastly, check out Katy, modeling in class today her big purchase- a Stella McCartney raincoat! HOT!

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