Friday, March 15, 2013

tartan check.

photo & post by Hiroyuki Ohta
Fashion trends change often and quickly.  When following the industry you will quickly notice, it isn’t easy to stay on top of the latest trends.  What should we do?  Buy new clothes?  Don’t worry about it.  We have an old friend, his name is “Tartan Check.’’  Whether you are a rock star, a surfer, or a performer, tartan check is widely accepted. Don’t hesitate to check out how he’s doing in your closet, he works well with a variety of attire.  He can stylize your worries away.  Plus, if he’s a friend of Vivienne Westwood, then he must be a friend of ours.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

tie-dye high.

post by Samantha Escamilla - photos by

When I think of the idea of tie-dye, high fashion does not readily come to mind.  That is why I was shocked and surprised to see the marriage of these two concepts during New York Fashion Week.  Garments made of fabric with tie-dye-inspired prints walked the runway during Rodarte's Fall/Winter 2013 ready-to-wear presentation.  From a body suit to formal gowns, the concept of tie-dye was a key focal point in this collection.  The thought of tie-dyed garments evokes images of summertime for me, which is one reason why seeing this print incorporated into a fall/winter collection was so unexpected.  Though the tie-dyes on the Rodarte pieces are silk prints, these pieces lend themselves to accessibility in that tie-dye is generally a very "DIY" process.  Anyone in love with these garments can easily take the inspiration of colors and pattern and create their own bright and bold garments. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

a california "winter".

 photo new2-blog-1024x847_zpsb6b84549.jpg
photo and post by Leah Slatic

With the constantly changing California "winter" weather, It's hard to decide what to wear to school day to day. Around campus I've seen a lot of ladies keeping in style while still staying practical. Combining what I've seen around school and my some of my personal favorites, here are a few things I would recommend - A sturdy pair of boots, and some knee high socks to keep your feet warm in between classes. A bright tube-scarf to dress up a tank, or dress down a coat. And a throw over sweater, for any-day any weather comfort and style. By keeping just a few staple items in your closet, you can still keep it stylish, yet be comfortable for any 'big' weather changes.

Friday, March 1, 2013

spring 2013.

 The occfashion Blog is up and running!  This Spring semester two classes will be writing the posts;  Leslie Christen's, FASH225 - Special Events and Michelle Craner's, FASH118 - Trend Forecasting.  Stay tuned for all things fashion related in the lives of our occfashion students on and off campus.