Wednesday, March 6, 2013

tie-dye high.

post by Samantha Escamilla - photos by

When I think of the idea of tie-dye, high fashion does not readily come to mind.  That is why I was shocked and surprised to see the marriage of these two concepts during New York Fashion Week.  Garments made of fabric with tie-dye-inspired prints walked the runway during Rodarte's Fall/Winter 2013 ready-to-wear presentation.  From a body suit to formal gowns, the concept of tie-dye was a key focal point in this collection.  The thought of tie-dyed garments evokes images of summertime for me, which is one reason why seeing this print incorporated into a fall/winter collection was so unexpected.  Though the tie-dyes on the Rodarte pieces are silk prints, these pieces lend themselves to accessibility in that tie-dye is generally a very "DIY" process.  Anyone in love with these garments can easily take the inspiration of colors and pattern and create their own bright and bold garments. 

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