Friday, February 14, 2014

Boots and Jackets Have Arrived For Winter

As our winter temperatures remain a bit confusing, with the sun out as much for decoration as it is for warm weather, combat boots and warm jackets have started to make a huge appearance on the  OCC campus. 

What stands out to me is that many of the ladies on campus are wearing black on black, always with combat or low rise boots. I absolutely love the pairing of maxi skirts with boots, as well as black skinny jeans and military looking boots with an infinity scarf on women. 

The menswear is pretty laid back, with brands like Adidas and Vans  commonly seen on campus. Most guys are wearing  long sleeve shirts with a short sleeve over it, and plaid collared shirts seem to be on the rise. 

One of my favorite looks comes from this awesome blonde in front of the library, wearing a heavy plaid maxi skirt, combat boots, and a vintage “Little Shop of Horrors” graphic tee tucked into her skirt. I love her originality and the fact she is still keeping herself warm while looking stylish. Check out the pictures and go through your closet, you could put together a whole new outfit without spending a dime. 

post & photos by Holley Baisley

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