Monday, April 15, 2013

a week of occfashion.

OCC's Fashion Department is home to many creative, inspiring, hardworking students and faculty. Last week just proves how incredible our classes are.  In one week our students were exposed to the local industry and more than 10 guest speakers, including...

Careers in Fashion's (FASH115) field trip to Quiksilver.  Evelyn Escobar and J. Acuna shared about their jobs in Production and Design.  The students also had the opportunity to tour the Quiksilver offices.

Design in Everyday Life (FASH135) had an amazing field trip to JMP Creative.  The CEO/President, Jim McCafferty was extremely inspirational.


Beginning Clothing Techniques (FASH100) visited Creative Outlet Studios in Costa Mesa for a hand sewing project.

And our Trend Forecasting(FASH118) class put together a panel of industry speakers on the topic of trend forecasting as it relates to their jobs in the fashion industry.  Speakers included, Cheryl Lindberg: Designer Harveys Seatbelt Bags, Jenna Dorn: Merchandiser Fox Head Inc., Mia Sterns: Designer Fox Head Inc., Kandice Hansen; Buyer, and Mary Byrd; Designer DC Clothing.

Not to mention the 2 guests in Kyla's Fashion Illustration Tech. 1 (FASH255) that graded the students print projects, the guest artist in Display and Visual Presentation (DVP180), and the guest speaker in Special Events Coordination (FASH225).  Just another week here at OCC, learning from our amazing instructors and the local fashion industry.


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Creative Outlet Studios said...

It was such a pleasure having the FASH100 class in the studio!