Monday, December 3, 2012

becky brewer.

Fashion Careers class Recap!
story & photos by Diana Padgett 

Becky Brewer | Buyer for Revolve


Becky is a buyer for an online company called Revolve.

I was surprised that I didn’t know of Revolve until meeting Becky. It’s now bookmarked and quickly becoming a favorite of mine!

Revolve carries a wide variety of clothing for both men and women, accessories, shoes, handbags, and much more.

Being a buyer for Revolve her focus is women’s clothing, shoes and accessories.

Becky travels often to New York where she meets with different companies  looks at their newest lines and makes decisions on whether or not these looks will work for their upcoming collections.

She also attends Fashion week, and many different fashion shows.

She works late nights and early mornings, and lives a fast pace life.. which she seems to love!

Becky’s amazing Givenchy bag – LOVE this!

Becky shed so much light on what it’s like to be a buyer for a company. She went over the pros and cons, and as it should be she had very few cons. She loves her job and had always dreamed of working in the fashion industry so it’s nice to see her still so appreciative and happy to be where she is.

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One thing she said to us a few different times was that her job required a LOT of her time, but that it doesn’t even feel like work to her because she loves it so much. She told us that it’s very important to love what you do, especially when it is a demanding job. I thought that was really great advice, the kind of advice we have heard before, and probably will need to hear 100 more times.

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Becky came dressed incredibly stylish and had such a cool vibe which could sometimes make you feel intimidated, but I think that was the last thing we felt. She had such a friendly way about her and was so open and sweet to our class. We asked her a bunch of questions and she was great, answering them all in a very realistic way. She was there to give us insight on a career, and that is exactly what she did.

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I know I’ve said it before but we are all taking this class to learn more about the industry and which direction we want to go in it. A lot of students already have an idea of what they hope to do but we maybe don’t fully understand exactly what that job would entail. We don’t know the day to day, ins and outs of the job. It’s priceless for us to have the opportunity to hear from people who are living it out. People like Becky who were once at OCC earning their fashion certificates, learning how to interview and network, landing the dream internship and then have worked hard to transition from an intern to an employee. Becky did just that, and then after becoming an employee at a entry level position worked hard to become a buyer, which was her dream postion. As students it’s inspiring to hear the process and really makes our dreams feel more tangible.

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I loved meeting and hearing from Becky. She was such an inspiration and is someone I totally look up to.

Now go take a look at their site & blog and good luck not spending TOO much money!

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