Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rainbow Brights - new hair color hues

Hair colors are as vast as the rainbow itself. These days, you can dye your hair purple, green and everything in between but, it takes a true trend setter to sport the outlandish hair colors that stand out in mainstream society today. 

Walking around the OCC campus, you could peak your head into any room and see colors you only thought you would see in the art center. Some of our classroom decor may lack luster but our students have color covered. While unnatural hair colors may be taboo for those of us in a corporate work environments, it's a relief to know you can join in the fun with something semi-permanent or even with the new trend of hair chalk. 

Personally last year, I attempted to get my own hair a bright vibrant purple, but with dark brown hair it wasn't happening without major damage to my poor little strands. With spray color and rinse out hair chalk you can achieve any fun new daring hair color you choose without looking like your hair has turned to straw. This emerging trend doesn't only come from the students walking out of the fashion department. I've seen numerous students in various classes rocking this chic look and working hard while doing it. 

So, even if your employer frowns upon unnatural hair color, or your parents would simply freak out, you can always try something new and fun and still go back to the original you. Brighten up your hair, brighten up your day, as long as your hair doesn't turn into hay!!

Images and post by Allison Brown